Trial Term Definitions

A guide to the really weird things people say in complete seriousness during SoS Trials.
Trial Basics:
AddsSmaller, non-boss enemies.
AggroTo "have aggro" is to be targeted by enemies; to "pull aggro" is to get the attention (and therefore be attacked) by enemies.
AoEArea of Effect, usually a damaging attack. Enemy AoEs are by default a red area on the ground.
Don't Stand in Stupid"Stupid" is the enemy AoE, by default a red area on the ground. Move out of these to avoid damage. This is not an insult directed at a person.
DOTDamage Over Time, any damaging effect that continues to damage an enemy for a period.
DPSDamage Per Second. DPS can either refer to literal DPS, the average amount of damage a character can output over a sustained period, or the DPS role, which is a character primarily devoted to dealing damage (as opposed to healing or tanking).
FacetankingIgnoring a mechanic and taking the damage instead. The opposite of "Don't Stand in Stupid."
FocusThe primary target for DPS
HOTHeal Over Time, any healing effect that continues over a period of seconds.
KiteTo lead an enemy or attack by running ahead of the attack, forcing the enemy to chase.
Kite HealerA healer who stands well back of the group in order to be targeted by "furthest person away" mechanics. They will kite the attack by being highly mobile, and keep the effect away from the group.
Leroy JenkinsTo run into a fight before the group is ready. A bad thing. See here for the original meme.
Leroy TankinsThe battle cry of the enthusiastic tank.
Main TankThe tank taunting the primary enemy.
Off TankThe tank taunting the secondary enemy or adds.
On TanksTanks may proceed whenever they're ready. The rest of the group should wait for the tanks to grab taunt before moving in.
ProcAn item ability that is triggered by something else. For example, a set that summons a Daedroth when you light or heavy attack.
PullTo pull (verb) is to aggro or start combat with enemies. A pull (noun) is a group of adds that are fought together.
Stackstand as close together as possible.

SoS-Specific Terms:
Aussie AnticsTrials held during Australia prime hours (late night/early morning for North America) that tend to be less serious/more chaotic.
Bonk BonkThe necromancer Colossus ultimate. The Colossus (any morph) applies Major vulnerability to enemies hit for 12 seconds. If there are multiple necromancers with a colossus ultimate in the party, they will coordinate their ultimates to minimize overlap between applications of Major Vulnerability. To do this, they announce "Bonk Bonk" in voice chat to inform the party that they are activating the Colossus. The Turning Tide set can also provide this debuff, so occasionally a non-necromancer will join in the Bonk Bonk. Bonk Bonk is more widely referred to as "Colo" outside SoS.
Doot DootWar Horn ultimate from Alliance War Assault line. It increases the group's max magicka and stamina. The Aggressive Horn morph also increases the group's critical damage by applying Major Force for 10 seconds. Saying "Doot doot" in voice chat allows the coordination of War Horn between party members. Outside SoS, people usually say "War horn."
Hammerwallthe tradition of /hammerwall or /hammerlow the wall leading to the last boss of Maw of Lorkhaj
Jeffery/GeoffryDaedroths summoned by Maw of the Infernal's proc ability
Three ultimate calloutsBonk Bonk, Doot Doot, and Wubwub are for ultimates that have a group effect over a period of time. Other ultimates do not need coordinated, and therefore do not need a callout.
TimothyWarden bears
WubwubBarrier ultimate from the Alliance War Support line. It provides a massive damage shield to nearby group members for 30 seconds. Saying "Wubwub" in voice chat allows the coordination of Barrier between party members. Outside SoS, people usually say "Barrier."

Trial Mechanics:
Backyardthe area in the last boss of Maw of Lorkhaj where two members of the party must quickly find and kill shadows while the rest of the party engages the boss. In normal, this mechanic is often skipped.
Big Kitty/Buff KittyThe large four-legged Khajiit in Sunspire. They have a jump attack with a strong knockback effect.
DDRDance Dance Revolution, or the phase of the fight against the final boss in Sunspire where multiple damaging area of effects will appear in patterns. Players must either find a safe spot or play DDR dodging the suddenly appearing AoEs
Don't Poop in GroupSeveral trials have a mechanic where a character is hit with a debuff and must "drop" it using the synergy key. Dropping it in the middle of the stacked DPS group is usually a bad thing. This is a mechanic in Rockgrove and Cloudrest.
Drive-ByA line AoE that will appear in Sunspire when the bosses are airborne. It cuts roughly down the center of the arena.
GrapesThe purple orbs that stun and explode in the final boss of Cloudrest
PizzaThe cone-shaped AoE in the final boss of Cloudrest that will transport players in or out of the portal, whether or not they want to go.
Portal Group/Portal Tankthe group that goes through the portal in Cloudrest or Sunspire
Safety BushSpecifically, the bush the DPS group stacks on when fighting Lokkestiiz the ice dragon in Sunspire, so called because it is out of the area of the dragon's wing slaps and breath weapon. More generally, any specific point the group should stack on, also sometimes the "imaginary safety bush."
Sharing is CaringAn AoE effect that deals less damage the more people that are in it. Cloudrest and Sunspire both have this mechanic. One person will be targeted by the effect, and must stack with the group or take massive damage.
Tall KittyThe unusually large two-legged Khajiit in Sunspire and Maw of Lorkhaj. They come in several flavors.

Trial Equipment:
EbonEbon Armory. Provides a bonus to max health for the entire group. Worn primarily in body slots by tanks. Ebon can be inconvenient on a weapon - even if both bars are Ebon, switching bars removes the re-applies the bonus, causing the group’s health to drop and then come back up.
OloVestment of Olorime. Gives Major Courage to allies when casting abilities that leave an effect on the ground. Primarily worn by healers using ground-effect heal-over-time.
Rele/RellyArms of Relequen. Provides a stacking boost to damage for the wearer. A popular DPS set.
SaxSaxhleel Champion. Provides Major Force to the group when using ultimate. Primarily a tank set.
SPCSpell Power Cure. Provides Major Courage when over-healing. Often used instead of Olo by healers.
WormWorm's Raiment. Provides a bonus to magicka recovery to the entire group. Worn primarily by tanks.
YolClaw of Yolnahkriin. Possibly the #1 trial tank set. It provides a damage bonus (Minor Courage) to the entire group when the tank applies a taunt. It is primarily worn by the main tank.