PvP Term Definitions

PvP Terms:
BloodPortingDying in order to respawn somewhere else.
BomberA character set up for high burst damage, especially damage that multiplies when players are killed. Bombers will often stealth up to players who are stacked together and hit them for massive damage, then flee/go invisible to escape. Bomb-blades and Necrobombers are two common types of bombers.
BridgeA siegable bridge across the slaughterfish-infested rivers. These can be destroyed, but there are alternate ways across.
CampForward camp, a respawn point that can be set up by players for use by their faction.
Campaignthe version of Cyrodiil or Imperial City. The basic three types of campaign are Standard, No-CP, and Under 50. Champion points are disabled and proc sets do not activate in No-CP and Under 50. Under 50 is restricted to characters level 49 or lower. The campaigns have leaderboards and run for either 7 or 30 days.
CrownThe group "lead," indicated by a crown icon. Whoever has the crown is the only person who can set dungeon difficulty, put group rally points on the map, invite people to the group, or disband the group. "Stack on Crown" is a common command for the group to stand in the same area as the character with the crown. In pvp events, group members should stay with the person with crown unless directed otherwise. Never run ahead of the crown and never follow an enemy player away from the group.
Emp PushA coordinated effort to take the inner keeps and crown an emperor.
EmperorWhen an alliance takes all of the inner keeps, the highest-scoring player present is crowned "Emperor." They receive a significant bonus to damage as long as they retain the title. All players in their alliance also receive a bonus as long as the title is held by a member of their alliance. An emperor is deposed when their alliance no longer holds any of the inner keeps.
Empieror/EmpieressA title from the Jester's Festival requiring killing players after covering them in pie. Unrelated to the Emperor.
FarmA keep resource. See Resources.
FDFront door. The large front door of a keep or outpost that can be damaged by siege weapons. Smaller doors cannot be damaged.
Flag (noun)A PVP objective marker. Standing in the vicinity of a flag will cause it to slowly convert from its current faction to the character's faction. Having more people in the area of effect causes it to convert faster. There are two flags in every keep and outpost, one in every resource, and three in Bruma, Vlastrus, and Cropsford. In Imperial City, each district has one flag. All flags at an objective must be taken for the objective to switch factions. Crouching/hidden characters cannot take flags.
Flag (verb)To flag a keep is to attack it and deal enough damage that it registers as being "under attack," preventing players from teleporting to it.
Former Emperor/EmpressA title available to a player who has previously held the Emperor title. A strong indicator that the player is a serious PVPer playing a PVP build.
GateEach faction has two gates that block enemies from entering the area around their home bases and the scroll temple. To get through these gates, an enemy faction must take both keeps closest to the gate. A notification will appear for all players that the gate is open. There are also several milegates throughout Cyrodiil that provide chokepoints for groups moving between faction territories.
Home CampaignA home campaign can be selected in the alliance war menu, and participating in the home campaign will result in rewards when the campaign ends and the leaderboard resets.
Inner KeepThe six keeps around the center lake of the map. These keeps must be taken by a faction in order to crown an emperor.
KeepA large PVP objective. Each has an outer wall with one main door and an inner fort with one main door. There are two flags in the inner fort that must be taken for the keep to change factions. Each keep has three resources - a mine, a lumbermill, and a farm. Players can only use the transitus shrine to teleport to the keep if their alliance owns both the keep and at least one resource.
LumbermillA keep resource. See Resources.
MilegateA siegable structure that mostly acts as a chokepoint for players moving between faction territories.
MillA lumbermill, a keep resource. See Resources.
MineA keep resource. See Resources.
OutpostA small PVP objective. Each outpost has one main door.
ProcAn item ability that is triggered by something else. For example, a set that summons a Daedroth when you light or heavy attack. Proc effects do not fire in No-CP versions of Cyrodiil, except for the special additional 7-day No-CP version during Whitestrake's Mayhem.
RandoAn unaffiliated player, random person.
Repair KitsThere are four types of Cyrodiil-specific repair kits - bridge/gate, wood, masonry wall, and siege repair kits. Each can only be used from the quickslot and can only be used to repair a specific type of item.
ResourcesSmall PVP objectives with a single flag. There are three resources at every keep: a mine, a lumbermill, and a farm. Players can only use the transitus shrine to teleport to the keep if their alliance owns both the keep and at least one resource.
ScrollAn Elder Scroll. Each faction controls two scrolls at the start of the campaign, each in a scroll temple behind their faction's gate. Holding scrolls provides a significant boost to all characters of that faction. Enemy scrolls can only be secured by a faction that holds their own scrolls.
Scroll Group/Scroll Run/Scroll EscortA group moving a scroll, their own or enemy, from one keep to another to secure it. Whoever holds the scroll cannot mount and is marked on the map and by a pillar of colored light, making them prime targets for enemy players. A group of allied players will usually escort the scroll runner and fight off attackers.
ShiniesLootables, such as harvest nodes, heavy sacks, and chests.
StackIn Cyrodiil and Imperial City, "stack" by spreading out in the vicinity of the indicated spot/person, but not directly on them.
TownThere are five towns in Cyrodiil; three that show up on the map and two that do not. These towns all have two sets of daily quests. These quests are shareable and a player can complete all quests for the town each day. The three towns that show on the map are Bruma, Cropsford, and Vlastrus, and all three are PVP objectives that can be held by factions. The remaining two towns are not held by a faction, but are patrolled by NPC guards of whatever faction holds the nearby keeps. These are Cheydinhal and Chorrol/Weynon Priory.
Transitus ShrinesThe teleportation system inside Cyrodiil. Players cannot teleport to each other or the wayshrine. Using a transitus shrine allows a player to teleport to another connected shrine. The keeps and outposts along the transitus route must be owned by the player's alliance, or the link will be broken. Active links are shown by solid colored lines on the map indicating the alliance. Inactive links will be grayed out.
UAUnder attack.
ZergA loosely-coordinated large group of players, especially inexperienced players.

PvP Abbreviations:
BBCastle Black Boot
BMCastle Bloodmayne
BRKBlue Road Keep
ChalChalman Keep
FareCastle Faregyl
FarraFarragut Keep
RoeCastle Roebeck