Shadows of Summerset - Land of Guars
The Land of Guars is a collection of tools and utilities to help you be part of the Guar action!

The SoSIconPack - How to use
The SoSIconPack is an icon pack for the "OdySupportIcons" addon and requires OdySupportIcons to run. You can get OdySupportIcons from Minion, or download it directly at

Download the icon pack here:

To install the SoSIconPack, unzip the file in your addons folder. By default, this is in your documents folder, under the Elder Scrolls Online folder here:

After installing OdySupportIcons, when you are in the party screen, friends list, or guild roster, your right-click menu will now have the option to assign, change, and remove custom icons. After installing the SoSIconPack, you'll have the option of a variety of SoS-related icons to use, from Stabby the Murder Guar to Jeff the Daedroth.

Make your own Guar
Want to make an SoS Guar of your own? There's an online utility for this! Simply visit and post your completed Guar in the #introduce-yourself channel for all to see!

Need some brainstorming ideas to help you create your favorite Guar? See all of the Guars that SoS Officers have created for themselves using the Guar Maker tool mentioned above!